The Future of Wearable Tech is Here

As one of the fastest growing markets, the technology behind wearables is constantly adapting and improving. Gone are the days of having to charge your fitness tracker nightly or spend precious minutes trying to connect your device to an app. The new generation of wearables is inarguably stylish, streamlined for connectivity and full of innovative hi-tech abilities. Combining fashion with technology, it seems the future of wearable tech is promising and bright.

Discreet and Fashionable

When marketing appeared for the first wearables, it was a hard sell. While unique, these items were bulky, expensive and, frankly, limited in features. With the new generation of wearables, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between a tech-integrated product and a stylish piece of fashion. The growing popularity of hybrid smartwatches is a great example; it’s no longer just tech companies like Apple and Google making the gear, but the fashion houses themselves. Now users can get all the benefits of a fitness tracker but in a traditional-looking analog watch. Other up-and-coming discreet wearables include rings and jewelry, sports bras, boxer shorts, general clothing, and ever-improved smart glasses.

Small but Mighty

However, just as wearables are getting smaller and more stylish, doesn’t mean they’re losing their tech abilities. In fact, they’re only getting better. Many of these little devices are equipped with GPS and improved data collection abilities. The latter means technology companies can upgrade their devices and apps for overall better user experiences. Although there are always new wearables coming to the market, each product has the potential to last several years, as updates and upgrades can be done digitally. Data collection will allow companies to update their apps to add more advanced functions and improve ease-of-use over time.

Accurate and Efficient

Charging frequency can be one of the biggest let-downs of wearable technology. As a generation on the go, no one wants to be stuck charging their device every day. However, companies are aware of this and are constantly improving battery life and overall device efficiency. Some companies are even toying with solar or kinetic energy-powered devices that would require minimal to no charging at all. At the same time, wearable brands are competing for accuracy – one of the strongest assets in their marketing – so it can be anticipated that wearable tech will continually get more accurate with time.

Innovative and Intelligent

Perhaps the most exciting advancements in wearable technology are the increasing uses that the products have to offer. Fitness tracking is a given, tech wearers can monitor their blood pressure, fertility, sleep patterns and more. Specially created patches are being used by hospitals to help monitor patients’ health, reactions to new drugs and fluctuating sugar levels – they can even alert nurses when there’s an emergency. Similarly advancing, augmented reality has become almost tangible, with several successful products hitting the market over the next few months.
There’s no doubt that technology of wearables will continue to improve, day in and day out. From fashion-forward gear to life-saving products, the options and opportunities for this market are seemingly endless. While there’s much to look forward to, it’s also safe to say, the future might just very well be here already.