How Identity Governance Can Help Move Your Business to the Cloud

More and more businesses are shifting to the cloud and taking advantage of the perks internet-based storage, management and computing has to offer. From cutting costs to simplified management, a switch can be just the thing to keep a company ahead of the competition. Understandably, anytime a large transfer of data is initiated there are security risks, but just as IT is always improving so are the programs helping make these transitions seamless – thankfully, identity governance companies are providing a solution.

Why Switch Your Business to the Cloud?

Before switching your business over, it’s best to understand how it’ll benefit your company. Some of the instantly accessible perks of cloud-based management include:

  • Complete mobility. Using internet-based computing means you can access your documents and databases from anywhere at any time.
  • Cost reduction. Internet-based computing doesn’t require physical hardware so is much more affordable.
  • Flexible size. Whether you’re a small start-up or a growing franchise, cloud computing can grow – or shrink – to fit the needs of your organization.
  • Built-in backup. Along with flexible storage, backup is also a given (and usually instant) so even if the system crashes, your data is protected.
  • Effortless integration. Internet-based storage allows you to connect with other apps and programs for easy use company-wide.

On top of all that, cloud computing offers great security and allows for programs to stay as up-to-date as the internet itself. Once you’ve decided that this IT transition will help your business’ strategy and overall initiatives, it’s time to consider the best way to make the transition.

How Can Identity Governance Software Help?

When uploading and transferring data to an online source, security is often a top concern. Identity Governance companies help manage and control who has access to sensitive data and how it’s being used. Most identity solution companies can synchronize passwords, monitor workflows, manage potential threats and keep operational costs low all at the same time.
Whether you are growing or refining your company, identity software will help make sure that incoming and retired users are properly accounted for and maintaining the integrity of your company. These companies also offer a variety of deployment options such as through the public cloud, with managed service providers (MSP) or using software-as-a-service (SaaS). While the first is best if your company has a pre-existing identity program, an MSP will provide you with a personal account manager and the latter, SaaS, will provide identity tools through an integrated software program. This means, no matter how complex or simple your IT software is, there’s an option for each kind of business.

How Can It Help the Transition Process?

Moving your business to the cloud can be a lengthy and technical process. Enlisting in identity governance software will help smooth out the transition and ensure no loss of data, security or the integrity of your organization. There are several different providers to choose from, so first decipher the needs of your company and then compare programs to see which would be the best fit. In the end, identity governance can help save your business from an IT disaster and keep things running throughout and beyond the transition process.